Unfortunately, being labeled non-denominational has come to mean anti-denominational. We are NOT anti-denomination, because we believe there is redeeming value in every denomination that is aligned with scripture. The enemy has used denominationalism as a tool for hundreds of years to keep the church fragmented and stagnant. Although we may not agree on every point theologically, we are committed to being committed.

Because our elders and people within our fellowship have denominational backgrounds such as: Baptist, COGIC, Pentecostal, Church of Christ, United Methodist, African Methodist Episcopal, Non-Denominational, etc… We desire to take the best and most biblically aligned aspects of those traditions and offer God a glorious, multi-faceted worship experience every time we assemble.

We are Multi-Denominational in our musical worship style:

We like instrumentals, acoustic, singer-songwriter, full worship team, hip-hop worship, acapella singing, hymnal singing, multilingual songs, old songs, new songs, extemporaneous songs, etc.

We are Multi-Denominational in our Bible expository style:

We hear God’s voice in lecture, preaching, teaching, interactive call and response, story-telling, testimonies from the community, video based instruction/illustrations, inductive study, open discussions, etc.

We are Multi-Denominational in the way we read scripture:

Choral (collectively), individual, and silent reading are our favorite methods of reading the Bible. Having it read to us, sung to us, and acted out visually are the ways we enjoy receiving the word of God as well.

We are Multi-Denominational in the way we take communion:

We take communion liturgically, with celebration, and somberly. We use bread, unleavened bread, wafers, personal cups of grape juice, collective cup, etc. On occasion, we will wash one another’s feet just as Jesus washed the feet of His disciples as a sign of humility. We believe this degree of humility is the necessary servant-like nature we should have in order to identify with Him more authentically.