We are a multi-cultural, multi-denominational, elder-led fellowship that meets in Round Rock, Texas. All of our gatherings are marked by love, development, and the cultivation of authentic friendships. We want our commitment to Jesus and His teachings to be experienced well beyond the four walls of our church. We won't be satisfied until it impacts the community; actively bringing Christ's kingdom to Earth.

We are “Christians” because we choose to pattern our lifestyles after Jesus, who was called the Christ. He was given this title because people saw that he was the fulfillment of many prophecies given to the people of Israel which led them to expect someone who would save them from sin and redeem the whole world. It is our belief that Jesus fulfilled these prophecies, and that one of the many ways he saves us is by empowering us to walk in the same freedom, love, and power that he demonstrated.

We are becoming the people of God.